Corono Oh Corona

No update.
Just telling that since the new elected government is announcing Covid-19 as an endemic, then works will continue to evolve and hopefully for the goods, rather than the bads.

Be safe, stay safe, everyone!
#tawau #covid #healthworkers

A LiIttle Bit Of Stress

4years of non-syift working hours had make me a bit off, well lets say that MY BODY cant keep up with these syift system. during this insurgencies-thingy of the self-claimed Sultan Sulu and his ‘soldiers’ i was ‘borrowed’ to the Emergency Dept and work on syifts.. owh man i can say that I AM JOBLESS there.. ha ha ha~ so this post is just to say that i miss orthopaedic and im going back there whether they like it or not, next week.. blekh…

“Sayang Apa Kabar Kamu?”

relax, and have fun!

Fantastic, Baby!

stressfull weeks, with paperworks and presentations to finish..
i hate coping with datelines, and thus i just ignore them until it’s the eleventh hour..

oh well..
have a look on my instagram posts (on the right) u’ll see that i’m hopelessly hanging out eating, and eating and eating.. how to keep my diet intact? hahahaha

me nasi beringin foods