Tiring June

June, was hectic as hell. Juggling between works and Family Matters and Keeping Up With My Workout Programme..

Nothing goes the way it is planned; and I am used to things being that way.

On the good side, my brother’s marriage really open up the empty side of yours truely; wah, you CAN be happy and ‘free’ even after the wedding is said and done. I am happy for you baby bro, and I really hope to get my nephew/niece ASAP hahaha, just think about it, will you?

Welcome To The House, Nana!
Welcome To The House, Nana!

Everything Else:
Works? Sucks, as always..
Social Life? Terrible As Hell as always, being alone does sucks..
Gaming? Ugh, I need to catch up on things..
Sports? I’m getting old.
Tech Stuffs? What, there’s new things everyday. I’m too old for these shit

nah, take this video instead:

Run Away Bride

after awhile not updating on my phtography portfolio, alas, its updated! just a few pictures here and there but i think after some time my knowledge on off-camera lighting will completely go kaput, rusted and not-appliable anymore.. ha ha ha

btw, some shots taken:

Run Away Bride Pt1
The So-Much-Needed Cropping

as usual, my facebook page is the ‘more reliable’ source of pictures.. so go check it out~