MySPR Database On Sale


Upcoming PRU15 is such a hot fuss
Now there is a hacked database of 800,000 voters on sale for $2000 online!

And still, people say cyber security is a joke?!

the seller claimed that the database also includes plenty of other details such as full name, ID number, e-mail address, birth date, hashed password, and full address. In addition to that, it also contained more than 1.6 million eKYC images with a total file size of 67GB

Rasa-rasanya selfie aku ada sekali tak dalam tu? hahahaha

How To Vote (Malaysia)

thanks to a fellow Sabahan vlogger, those who have not yet fulfill their voting duty (including moi) knows how ‘easily’ it is to go and vote..

video (youtube) by Adam Tam:

just bring your MyKad, and go to ur designated voting place and.. PANGKAH PANGKAH PANGKAH! eh, salah satu kali saja pangkah hehehe

so, have you done your right? if not, then let’s go!