Get Away

Problems in life, what the hell are we without them, right?

/ exam’s around the corner
/ paperworks to finish
/ presentations to hail nail
/ stomach acting like it had never been stuffed before (yes, im hungry!)

Well, just point out ur problem; point at it hard, grab it, stomp it, crush it and eat it! Hahahahaha

late night post, so u know its jibberjabberish *lol*

Stressed out? Let it go

just finished The Vow, wah what a sad but happily-ending movie, based on a true story.. well, the movie itself is great.. sad that i have to watch it alone in the middle of the night *sigh*

Opps, its 1.30am already. I better go back to my paperwork.. or do i? Hmmm i’ll just deal with it tomorrow. Sleep is more important now..


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