Update: Study

MTLS (Malaysian Trauma Life Support) is done.. gruesome 3 days of head-bashing, chest-punching, face-slapping, etc etc

another one down; so paperworks to go..

on a sidenote; PM announced that the SBPA is cancelled (or is it postponed?) and they gonna rectify the SSM.. and for sure about the gaji tu yang siuk.. increcement of 13% for all govn staffs from 1-54 grade.. thank you thank you.. it doesnt matter where my political view is; when u get more money, it always is a good thing.. another announcement is the Elaun Sara Hidup (COLA) increased but it doesnt affect us much on Sabah/Sarawak..

well, at least a few good news cheers me up this week..

ohya; a few photo whoring from me.. chao!

SSM ke SBPA (Gaji)

banyak rumors pasal SSM ke SBPA ni.. ramai buat spekulasi sendiri; ni antara spekulasi (pasal gaji) yg ada dalam Facebook, Twitter dan forum2 bebas tu.. betul ka tidak? entah la.. saja kongsi kan..
bah, sharing is caring kan?

Pengiraan gaji ssm ke sbpa

betul ka tidak? entah la.. pasal duit ni payah sikit nak cakap~

ni kabar angin saja, belum finalize lagik.. hahaha sekali lagi, ini khabar angin saja~
belum sahih pun~