How To Vote (Malaysia)

thanks to a fellow Sabahan vlogger, those who have not yet fulfill their voting duty (including moi) knows how ‘easily’ it is to go and vote..

video (youtube) by Adam Tam:

just bring your MyKad, and go to ur designated voting place and.. PANGKAH PANGKAH PANGKAH! eh, salah satu kali saja pangkah hehehe

so, have you done your right? if not, then let’s go!

Update: Study

MTLS (Malaysian Trauma Life Support) is done.. gruesome 3 days of head-bashing, chest-punching, face-slapping, etc etc

another one down; so paperworks to go..

on a sidenote; PM announced that the SBPA is cancelled (or is it postponed?) and they gonna rectify the SSM.. and for sure about the gaji tu yang siuk.. increcement of 13% for all govn staffs from 1-54 grade.. thank you thank you.. it doesnt matter where my political view is; when u get more money, it always is a good thing.. another announcement is the Elaun Sara Hidup (COLA) increased but it doesnt affect us much on Sabah/Sarawak..

well, at least a few good news cheers me up this week..

ohya; a few photo whoring from me.. chao!

Tawau Host: Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

well, this is a bummer!
why oh why did this happens when im oversea?

my cuti2 for the date kenot dapat oredy cause busy with Case Study and attachments in wards,etc

well, no biggie then, i support!!

Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

What’s In The Menu For That Day?

  • Games: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion
  • Games: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
  • Games: Soul Calibur IV
  • Cosplay
  • Cosplay Photography
  • Venue: Eastern Plaza Tawau
    Date, Time: 31st March 2012, starting 11AM
    Enterance Fee (for participants): RM10 for All Event

    more info: