How To Vote (Malaysia)

thanks to a fellow Sabahan vlogger, those who have not yet fulfill their voting duty (including moi) knows how ‘easily’ it is to go and vote.. video (youtube) by Adam Tam: just bring your MyKad, and go to ur designated voting place and.. PANGKAH PANGKAH PANGKAH! eh, salah satu kali saja pangkah hehehe so, have … Read More

Update: Study

MTLS (Malaysian Trauma Life Support) is done.. gruesome 3 days of head-bashing, chest-punching, face-slapping, etc etc another one down; so paperworks to go.. on a sidenote; PM announced that the SBPA is cancelled (or is it postponed?) and they gonna rectify the SSM.. and for sure about the gaji tu yang siuk.. increcement of 13% … Read More

Tawau Host: Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

well, this is a bummer! why oh why did this happens when im oversea? my cuti2 for the date kenot dapat oredy cause busy with Case Study and attachments in wards,etc well, no biggie then, i support!! What’s In The Menu For That Day? Games: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Games: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Games: … Read More