Facebook Phonebook?

baru aku sedar hari ni.. sesiapa yang ada masukkan nombor telefon dalam akaun facebook mereka.. senang jak bah kan mau jadi stalker kalau ini macam?

Phonebook? Seriously?

so, sesiapa yang berminat menyiarkan nombor telefon sialah masukkan dalam akaun anda2 semua yah..

for me, this is a great feature for all those who wants people to get in touch via phone. either its for business purposes, looking for relationship, or just simply to add more entry to the empty phonebook in the phone..

anyway just to inform any of you that thinks this is too much then please please please delete the phone number.. no need to go and post another blog post saying facebook is violating the privacy thingy bla bla bla..

okay, that’s just about it for now~ chao (need to go do more blog harrasing, internet bulying etc etc.. boring stuffs)