Night Photography: KSKBJB

few weeks here (coming to a month) and im pleased to know that there’s abundance of sceneries to go for photography for me, either it is strobist, light painting or night photography.. i havent got the chance to really go places, but i did manage to try out using CPL + Variable ND to satisfy the ‘darkens the dark’ curiosity that i have been keeping for some time now..

not much of a patient guy, i always ended up moving from places to places to get good compo; always ending in getting worse scenario than the before..

never the less, a try out of my recent try on night photography.. i took about 200 pictures but after minutes (not hours, im lazy – i told u so kan?) i choose just 1.. *sigh* yes just one of all the exposures, and even this one is overexposed one but i manage to save more details on it.. is this what HDR was supposed to look like? i doubt it *lol*

Main Gate - Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu Johor Bahru

i dont think i need UWA now, shooting at 17mm is good enuff for me. if i want to go wider, i go 8mm.. capish~ chao


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