Pneumonia, Leads To DoTA2

Well, i was admitted last week until yesterday for about 8 days. Warded for Lobar Pneumonia, and still under investigation, i get the feel on how people are when they are stuck in the hospital.

1st time warded, i am lucky to get to be put inside the single-bed room, but the thing is it becomes way too boring there cause no-one is there to accompany me. Friends and colleagues comes to visit, and i thank you guys so much. boredom is my friend, and when friends comes and visit they will say something cynical ie “this is a sign for you to get you better half already” hahaha bash me all you want guys, this is the only chance you can get so far, right?

BTW, i am feeling well now. and during the warded days i started to learn to play the DoTA2 game (Defense Of The Ancient 2) and i am a bit hooked to it. hours spent playing and i get why the kids (and not-so-much-kids-anymore) like the game. There is much to learn and explore. And on my 20th hours playing it, i get to play (this game is exclusively online co-op for now) with guys from all over the world. Well, another way of spending time at home, aye?

Anyway, it is nice to know that people DO CARE for me; mom and all the bunch (sis, dad, grandma, aunty, cousins) comes to visit frequently eventho it’s a 2-hour drive from home. I LOVE YOU GUYS, always.

Now, a screenshot of how n00b (newbie) i am at DoTA2:


okay guys, happy weekend and SELAMAT HARI MALAYSIA (16 Sept 2013)

Sayonara JayBee!

At last, the short 6months here in JB is done.. i’ll be flying back home tomorrow.. yes, home.. im going home. Tobwhere my heart is; mom and dad..

Memories are built up here. Live, hate, rivalry, love and mostly friendship..
Kutuk mengutuk, bersatu hati menghadapi kekejaman (ala zionis) oleh penindas atasan.. yang sekepala lari dari wad sekejap untuk keluar minum (how the hell does a 10minutes break becomes an hour of goyang kaki lepak minum?)
Exam time was cruel, yes it was. Everyone was in their finest state of.. depression. Yes, exams are all that matters kan? It’s like building up what you learned and it all had come to those moments of exams..

My time in JB, i’d gain and lost few pounds. The workout plan that i worked out for 2months++ comes to a final verdict of “i can eat and workout when i can, where i can with whoever i want; i just need the motivation”.. sigh, now i have to start that all over again when i comeback home..

Cant wait to have the chance to have a meetup and chit chat of life with u guys – Ortho PB, KSKBJB 2012


thanks for the early birthday cake eat-up last night

Bless You Guys

So, getting back to business, i guess since Ramadhan is just around the corner, Eid wont be far also.. so gobek and start yo prepare for Eid then.. hehe one goal at a time kan?

so, hellooo Sabah!