New Year? New Numbers?

bla bla bla

Happy New Year Guys!

Forgot To Renew My Domain+Hosting, a week due, luckily the guys at DataKL is so quick to remind me again and again LOL

btw, some food for thoughts during this festive season

festive celebrations
Sounds Just About True, Ain’t It?

Hello JB!

I just want to greet y’all from the far-south of the Malacca Strait..

cool place… hehehe~

CNY, i went to Malacca with my fellow friends..
no pics tho. im too lazy to edit and upload wahahahaha
but nevermind i’ll share more pics throught my facebook then, okay?

Ohya, Happy Chinese New Year!

looks like the starting of the Dragon Year is a great timing for me to get back to studying, and harvest more from work, and invest more for work..

Year Of The Dragon
Year Of The Dragon

p/s: not my pic.. taken from the net

Malacca Trip 01
What? I dont fit in here? Meh...
Malacca Trip 02
I'm bringing this one HOME!