Corono Oh Corona

No update.
Just telling that since the new elected government is announcing Covid-19 as an endemic, then works will continue to evolve and hopefully for the goods, rather than the bads.

Be safe, stay safe, everyone!
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Coronavirus and MCO

Long Hiatus
Novel Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) starts a pandemic that hits us (globally) quite severe. Here in Malaysia, the case becomes ‘serious’ when it spreads and we the death toll starts on a young 35-years old lad from Johor. MCO was announced, the Movement Control Order was issue by the Prime Minister on the 18th of March, 2020.

This ‘new normal’ involves restricted movements, social distancing and a pretty large sum of money by the goverment to help the people to survive during this hard time.

As of this time today (1539 on 2020-04-28) the deaths worldwide (reported) is 211,663 from total of 3,066,417 reported cases. 3 million cases, because of bats. Yep, batman is to be blamed ^^,

Okay, back to being busy with life.. boom, boom, ciao~

DiGi + STAEDLER = #ProjectPensel For Flood Victims

DiGi and STAEDTLER Malaysia are working together to provide school supplies in the form of pencils and colouring pencils for the children affected by the recent flood disasters in the East Coast. With this initiative, the children will be able to get ready for the new school year.
These school supplies will be given to selected childcare centres and primary school students at the east coast of Malaysia that have been identified by the Association of Registered Childcare Providers Malaysia (ARCPM) as the most adversely affected by the floods.


We want to help the people of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang as much as we can during this natural disaster and we’re also trying to raise awareness of the difficulty facing Malaysians in that region. When the floods hit the area, no one was spared, and that includes children. – DiGi Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Eugene Teh.

We can also be a part of this initiative. For every share on DiGi’s Facebook page’s post that has the #ProjectPensel hashtag, the company and STAEDTLER Malaysia will donate one box of pencils to the children of the flood victims.

This initiative will run from the 10th to the 14th of January 2015. Do your part to help our fellow Malaysians at the east coast!

GE13, Done!

Yesterday, 5th May was a very intense day. For me, and pretty much everyone else involved. Results are in, and some are pleasing, and some are not. As the usual, humans are such a demanding creature.

Pictures of ‘inked’ index finger are all over the social media; and it shows that how much the new technology can involve more people in making new decisions, as well as forming and shaping things ahead; be it a good, or a bad thing. So my advice as a part-time blogger and a full-time internet troll is, be careful on what to say and share in the internet. One thing an lead to another, and let us all hope we only do the right thing in life.

So, no pictures of me showing my index finger (I did take some shots but now it seems like a useless thing to do) or any other picture. Just a lists of things that might, or mght not interest you; The Poling result..


Till then, have a blentastic day ahead!

16th Malaysia Day

16th September; annual national holiday known as Malaysia Day. And as the name says, it means PUBLIC holiday. So as a public person slash human being, i got the holiday..

Was working actually that day; well, on-call actually.. But since it falls on Sunday so we get the 17th (Monday) as public holiday.. Yay, another holiday. Crap. That doesn’t sound chirpy does it?

My department was also helding our Family Day. More to a Eid-Merdeka-Family Day lah.. Hehe a time where everyone (family, especially) go out and have fun. We held it in Shan Shui Golf & Resort. Everyone is having a blast besides the pool. Swimming, games, barbecue, more games, foods, dancing, etc.. It was fun for me except that i stay dry; didn’t even go near the pool. It brings back memories, good but depressing ones hehe.. And that’s it.. Nothing much..

Juat wanna thank the people who are involved, directly or behind the scene on making our country the way it is now. Peaceful, colorful, developing well, multi racial, etc etc (put all the good words in)


Siapa Lagi Kejam?

kejam bila tengok video ni..
kejam yang memukul, kejam yang mengambil rakaman video..
dan lagi kejam orang2 yg komen suka-suka ja di dalam facebook, blog, twitter dan lain-lain.. nak komen kena tengok masa dan tempat juga.. jangan sampai maruah bangsa sendiri tergadai..

xnak aku menghukum dan menilai sangat.. nah tengok la. aku x tengok habis, tgk 10saat pertama ja adku terus donlod dan upload sini, sbab youtube dah padam video ni 4x dah..

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”″ image=””]
download? beatupbabysicknerddotnet

mengikut sumber yang sangat2 boleh dipercayai, iaitu internet (hahahaha yeah, right!) kes ni dah bicara tahun lepas (2011) dan gadis berusia 19 tahun tersebut, yang kononnya berbangsa ‘indonesia’ (bangsa, keturunan?) telah dipenjarakan dengan video ini menjadi bukti.. jadi, cik/puan Ira dah masok penjara dah tuan2 dan puan2..

screenshot dari facebook PDRM. thanks PDRM!

bah, tengok lah bedio tu yah~

Update: Study

MTLS (Malaysian Trauma Life Support) is done.. gruesome 3 days of head-bashing, chest-punching, face-slapping, etc etc

another one down; so paperworks to go..

on a sidenote; PM announced that the SBPA is cancelled (or is it postponed?) and they gonna rectify the SSM.. and for sure about the gaji tu yang siuk.. increcement of 13% for all govn staffs from 1-54 grade.. thank you thank you.. it doesnt matter where my political view is; when u get more money, it always is a good thing.. another announcement is the Elaun Sara Hidup (COLA) increased but it doesnt affect us much on Sabah/Sarawak..

well, at least a few good news cheers me up this week..

ohya; a few photo whoring from me.. chao!