One More Year

im in the midst of changing to a bigger (hopefully better) hosting that is located locally, so site might be offline for a few days or so.

oh btw, i officially, but not permanently, am off from that bloody addiction called facebook. *sigh* what a relief (so far). it is for an apparent reason of real-life-first basis that i do this, as a trial; to see how much does that platform changes how i live my daily life. will be blogging more here i guess. back to oldskool style.

writer’s block. but at least i’m not snooping around, stalking and trolling people. there is too much hatred and idiotic ideas floating on said platform that i think i am beginning to be an avid believer of those sometimes-it-sounds-real kinda things. life, is less troublesome now. yes.

meh. ciao

Siapa Lagi Kejam?

kejam bila tengok video ni..
kejam yang memukul, kejam yang mengambil rakaman video..
dan lagi kejam orang2 yg komen suka-suka ja di dalam facebook, blog, twitter dan lain-lain.. nak komen kena tengok masa dan tempat juga.. jangan sampai maruah bangsa sendiri tergadai..

xnak aku menghukum dan menilai sangat.. nah tengok la. aku x tengok habis, tgk 10saat pertama ja adku terus donlod dan upload sini, sbab youtube dah padam video ni 4x dah..

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”″ image=””]
download? beatupbabysicknerddotnet

mengikut sumber yang sangat2 boleh dipercayai, iaitu internet (hahahaha yeah, right!) kes ni dah bicara tahun lepas (2011) dan gadis berusia 19 tahun tersebut, yang kononnya berbangsa ‘indonesia’ (bangsa, keturunan?) telah dipenjarakan dengan video ini menjadi bukti.. jadi, cik/puan Ira dah masok penjara dah tuan2 dan puan2..

screenshot dari facebook PDRM. thanks PDRM!

bah, tengok lah bedio tu yah~

Kelantan Trip

during my quick break recently i get to travel for about 1900+km from Johor Bahru to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and back.. it was fun, and very insightful..
i get to see Kelantan, the peoples, and the in-betweens..
as usual, i dont take much photos.. but here’s some that i ‘suddenly’ rajin and shoot pulak hehehe..

anyway, Selamat Hari Buruh (Happy Labor’s Day) to everyone, esp my lovely mother.. u worked so hard all these times, and u still do. but what can i do. u love what you do.. i love you, mom!

Pantai Irama Bachok | overlooking the vast South China Sea
assorted seafoods | nom nom nom
Istana Jahar, Kota Bharu | i dont know how my eyes can accept this terrible color during PP. well, this is what you get when editing half-asleep
on the way, on the way, ondeweeeeeeeeey~
Fresh Strawberry, anyone? here you can come and pick your own!
Come and pick 'em yourself!
my trusty sidekick | GPS on action?

nah, paling banyak sudah ni kena upload.. hahahaha rekod dunia sudah bagi aku ni hahaha..

Quick Update Of February

lama ndak update.. haha kerja sibi (busy) sampai ndakda masa mau mengapdet..

# 1 year already *wink*
# TKP 1st outing 2011 to Balung is a success (link)
# fungus (?) on my SAL1870 lens, due to in-activeness.. AKA laziness to go out and shoot anything
# im still fat and my goal to get at least 5kg off in 3 months was a disaster (i gain a few extra grams instead)
# im back to PSP! (after ditching my PS2 for few months, neither xbox360lite nor PS3 comes in mind for the moment)

i'm back on PSP guys!

new one.. hahaha after years wearing the old one..

Facebook Phonebook?

baru aku sedar hari ni.. sesiapa yang ada masukkan nombor telefon dalam akaun facebook mereka.. senang jak bah kan mau jadi stalker kalau ini macam?

Phonebook? Seriously?

so, sesiapa yang berminat menyiarkan nombor telefon sialah masukkan dalam akaun anda2 semua yah..

for me, this is a great feature for all those who wants people to get in touch via phone. either its for business purposes, looking for relationship, or just simply to add more entry to the empty phonebook in the phone..

anyway just to inform any of you that thinks this is too much then please please please delete the phone number.. no need to go and post another blog post saying facebook is violating the privacy thingy bla bla bla..

okay, that’s just about it for now~ chao (need to go do more blog harrasing, internet bulying etc etc.. boring stuffs)