16th Malaysia Day

16th September; annual national holiday known as Malaysia Day. And as the name says, it means PUBLIC holiday. So as a public person slash human being, i got the holiday..

Was working actually that day; well, on-call actually.. But since it falls on Sunday so we get the 17th (Monday) as public holiday.. Yay, another holiday. Crap. That doesn’t sound chirpy does it?

My department was also helding our Family Day. More to a Eid-Merdeka-Family Day lah.. Hehe a time where everyone (family, especially) go out and have fun. We held it in Shan Shui Golf & Resort. Everyone is having a blast besides the pool. Swimming, games, barbecue, more games, foods, dancing, etc.. It was fun for me except that i stay dry; didn’t even go near the pool. It brings back memories, good but depressing ones hehe.. And that’s it.. Nothing much..

Juat wanna thank the people who are involved, directly or behind the scene on making our country the way it is now. Peaceful, colorful, developing well, multi racial, etc etc (put all the good words in)