Late Raya Merdeka Entry

wah, it’s the last of Syawal, hahaha and only now i get to post about my Eid this year..

well, actually there is none to share *lol*

some pics to share, that’s it..

The Raya Pose
The Raya Pose

Forget the awkward smirk from my brother, he is just that happy.. happily married that is! hahaha

and the Merdeka (Independence) Day celebration on 31st August was soooo awesome, because i was on the clock that day, and i get lots of admissions from locals.. well, people who trust i their guts and drive like there is no tomorrow, well.. shouldn’t live until tomorrow, kan?

yada yada yada, kapish.. toodles!!

EID MUBARAK 2012/1433H


To all friends, foes, co-workers, clients, old schoolmates, classmates, coursemates, patients, neighbours, and all those that knows me; either briefly or all the way through this shithole called life (:
(yes, i say shithole because it smells and it stinks)