Me And Photography

What Is Photography?
Photography (for me) is a way of catching lights; and it means the light had to go somewhere. reflection of yourself in the mirror, that’s what light do to you. so my goal in photography is to learn to do things that can make myself says “wow, i didnt know i can do that?”

I started back in 2004, around the time im going to college, and the passion slowly blossoms. now i can proudly say that i LOVE photography, and i can afford to say that im somehow pretty good at what i do (aceh, perasan!)

i rarely take Wedding Assignments (paid ones) because i dont like the tension it puts on me trying to fulfill the client’s expectation. for portraits and landscapes then it’s more of “i like this shot, so im paying myself *this_amount* for this picture” *grin*
cheezy, i know..

How Am I Related To Photography?
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and now a stream of pictures:




err.. i think you can just skip this page and go see my gallery on y facebook page then *wink*