World Cup 2022 Ends

Congrats to Argentine for winning the World Cup, with France as the runner up. Messi’s last appearance in the cup, so i guess this is a win for him too as a GOAT. Kambing memang for the win!

The only match that i saw fulltime; albeit it is because i was working at the time. Nevermind, had fun, no regret.

proof of me watching the actual match

2022, Price Hike Is Real Now

So, cooking oil price went up.

Up, up and away.

This does relates to us, everyone of us. The usually-cheap Minyak Cap Buruh was priced RM29.90 here for the 5kg bottle, and now it’s RM46.50!

So, if i write more it’ll be just rambling of me getting mad because my love for fatty food will be affected by this. I’ll just leave you guys to ponder on how it’ll change our life now. Here is a random picture related to cooking oil.

Happy 2022 guys!

Coronavirus and MCO

Long Hiatus
Novel Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) starts a pandemic that hits us (globally) quite severe. Here in Malaysia, the case becomes ‘serious’ when it spreads and we the death toll starts on a young 35-years old lad from Johor. MCO was announced, the Movement Control Order was issue by the Prime Minister on the 18th of March, 2020.

This ‘new normal’ involves restricted movements, social distancing and a pretty large sum of money by the goverment to help the people to survive during this hard time.

As of this time today (1539 on 2020-04-28) the deaths worldwide (reported) is 211,663 from total of 3,066,417 reported cases. 3 million cases, because of bats. Yep, batman is to be blamed ^^,

Okay, back to being busy with life.. boom, boom, ciao~

One More Year

im in the midst of changing to a bigger (hopefully better) hosting that is located locally, so site might be offline for a few days or so.

oh btw, i officially, but not permanently, am off from that bloody addiction called facebook. *sigh* what a relief (so far). it is for an apparent reason of real-life-first basis that i do this, as a trial; to see how much does that platform changes how i live my daily life. will be blogging more here i guess. back to oldskool style.

writer’s block. but at least i’m not snooping around, stalking and trolling people. there is too much hatred and idiotic ideas floating on said platform that i think i am beginning to be an avid believer of those sometimes-it-sounds-real kinda things. life, is less troublesome now. yes.

meh. ciao

Playstation VR? WTF?!

News just came to me (well, late it maybe) that Sony is enrolling their Playstation VR Headset. and it is available to test in Malaysia already (Sony Store in Suria KLCC & The Curve).

Can’t wait, this is something totally good for FPS player like moi!

PS VR Headset

GIFs on WhatsApp w00t w00t


It looks like WhatsApp will soon be able to support animated GIFs. According to the latest beta release for its iOS app, the app will be able to load and auto play GIF links right from your conversation.

According to @WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that tracks changes to WhatsApp beta updates, the latest WhatsApp version will play GIF links. This means that you will no longer have to exit WhatsApp and open up the link on a browser just to see what your friend is sending you. The changelog also notes that the version of WhatsApp will allow users to save GIFs “as a simple image”.

Sadly though, if you were hoping to share GIFs like you do on other messengers like Facebook Messenger, you won’t be able to do so. The changelog says that you cannot directly import GIF images, only links, which will load in the conversation itself.

Other changes in WhatsApp version for iOS include improved encryption, the ability to temporarily add a participant in a chat group, plenty of improvements, but fixes and more. Check out @WABetaInfo’s Pastebin post for the full change log.

soscili: TheNextWeb