Photoshop: Frequency Separation (Malay)

In the midst of me trying to get back into photography, i went overboard by trying to do manipulation Topic? easy retouching using Separation Frequency. Hail to all those video and tutorials on the net that shows how the overall process is done in less time than the manual blur-layer-highlight-blur-brushes-merge-repeat process that used to take … Read More

Kelantan Trip

during my quick break recently i get to travel for about 1900+km from Johor Bahru to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and back.. it was fun, and very insightful.. i get to see Kelantan, the peoples, and the in-betweens.. as usual, i dont take much photos.. but here’s some that i ‘suddenly’ rajin and shoot pulak hehehe.. … Read More

Tawau Host: Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

well, this is a bummer! why oh why did this happens when im oversea? my cuti2 for the date kenot dapat oredy cause busy with Case Study and attachments in wards,etc well, no biggie then, i support!! What’s In The Menu For That Day? Games: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Games: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Games: … Read More