Why Blen?

i shave every Friday, and i change my toothbrush every 12 weeks.. i like swimming and i play volleyball and arcade games..

My life in general, revolves around me trying to be a better person that I am yesterday. But being human as I am, I tend to make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. That’s why I put myself to a motivation everyday to learn and experience things my own way..

we LEARN something from EVRYONE everyday

Sharing, is caring. As they might say. Since I have this domain back in 2004, it was nothing but my goal to share, good or bad, negative nor positive, uplifting or down-bringing; posts, comments, media etc etc. The Tutorial section was closed and now integrated altogether to weblog section as well. The Forum moved on to a new domain, the YoHiF forum..

I started photography as a hobby back in the end of 2008. And since then thousands of money (that was supposed to stay in the tabung kahwin) habis kena korek to fund for the hobby. But all and all its a worth investment.


More than in one occasion where I have been ask on why am i called “Blen”, and it’s kindda long story-shortens, but telling it everytime would be a hassle to both me and the dear friend listening. so here it goes:

Those days, we (me, mom, dad, sis) lives in logging camps, moving from camps to camps because my dad works as a clerk for these logging companies. Oh, it’s those times where Sabah still haves lotsa timber around and they literally scrap the jungles for logs. good business, back then.

So, back to the story: It was one fine evening when mom is making some kind of kueh for Raya, and i was like 4-5 years old. Trying to help mom in the kitchen by doing small things ie buttering the dough or simply cutting the dough in shapes. It was that i was so curious about how the ghee taste like that i actually swallow a whole can of it! Ha ha ha here’s a snapshot of the can.


So, dad was laughing histarically and mom was furious! But long story short, i was called Giblen from that time on. Then it got shortens to Blend, and then just Blen. Oh well, it is a good name, i guess!

So, that is it i guess. More info in my facebook page, i guess.