Sweet & Sour Barramundi (Siakap)

cooking oil, for frying
1 teaspoon MAGGI® CukupRasa™
100 g corn flour
1 teaspoon lime juice
500 g Barramundi (Ikan Siakap), cleaned
1 cup MAGGI® Chilli Sauce
50 g apple, cut into cubes
50 g mango, cut into cubes
50 g pineapple, cut into cubes
50 g cucumber, cut into cubes
50 g tomato, cut into cubes
3 cloves garlic, chopped
50 g yellow onion, cut into cubes
2 teaspoons bird’s eye chillies, sliced
½ cup lime juice
20 g coriander leaves, sliced

1. Firstly, allow the fish to defrost. Then, gut and clean it before washing it under running water.

2. Score each side 3 times diagonally; don’t cut through the bone.

3. In a frying pan, start by heating up the oil. Coat the fish…in corn flour, MAGGI® CukupRasa™ and a teaspoon of lime juice and fry until it turns golden brown.

4. In a separate mixing bowl, add in the MAGGI® Chilli Sauce, apple, mango, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, garlic, yellow onion, bird’s eye chillies, lime juice and coriander leaves. Stir the ingredients together.

5. Then, pour the sauce you’ve just made over the fried fish while it’s still hot.

6. Enjoy the crispy, tasty goodness of the fish with steamed white rice.Siakap Goreng Aneka Rasa


sauce: http://www.maggi.com.my/recipe/79/sweet-sour-barramundi

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