Update: Study

MTLS (Malaysian Trauma Life Support) is done.. gruesome 3 days of head-bashing, chest-punching, face-slapping, etc etc

another one down; so paperworks to go..

on a sidenote; PM announced that the SBPA is cancelled (or is it postponed?) and they gonna rectify the SSM.. and for sure about the gaji tu yang siuk.. increcement of 13% for all govn staffs from 1-54 grade.. thank you thank you.. it doesnt matter where my political view is; when u get more money, it always is a good thing.. another announcement is the Elaun Sara Hidup (COLA) increased but it doesnt affect us much on Sabah/Sarawak..

well, at least a few good news cheers me up this week..

ohya; a few photo whoring from me.. chao!

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