DISPUTE: 3uhosting.Com

ALERT! this is my personal experience, and im writing this half-mad still so just bare with me..


shame on 3uhosting.com, bawak lari my duit. sigh didnt know that we have Company like this also in Malaysia.. last time i heard about this con going on but this is the first time, since i start doing this back in 2004, that this happens to me personally.. it wasnt about the money at all. it’s about the integrity of names and brand that this ‘company’ holds by having Malaysia by the side of their name register.. their “Live Chat” is always un-available.. bla bla bla.. *sigh*

i will wont provide the links and emails received (including invoices, etc etc). it’s just too tiring to even care now..

Quality? At It's Best?... MY ASS!!


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