Covid, Vaksin dan Teori Ayam

Vaksin untuk HIV tidak ada, tiba tiba vaksin untuk covid 19 dah ada? Nampak sangat vaksin ini sebenarnya ciptaan yahudi untuk tujuan bisnes, mereka cipta penyakit dan mereka juga yang cipta vaksin untuk cegah penyakit, macam virus dalam computer, mereka yang cipta virus dan mereka jugak yang cipta anti virus. Apa komen abang mayat. Jawapan: … Read More

Coronavirus and MCO

Long HiatusNovel Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) starts a pandemic that hits us (globally) quite severe. Here in Malaysia, the case becomes ‘serious’ when it spreads and we the death toll starts on a young 35-years old lad from Johor. MCO was announced, the Movement Control Order was issue by the Prime Minister on the 18th of … Read More

Photoshop: Frequency Separation (Malay)

In the midst of me trying to get back into photography, i went overboard by trying to do manipulation Topic? easy retouching using Separation Frequency. Hail to all those video and tutorials on the net that shows how the overall process is done in less time than the manual blur-layer-highlight-blur-brushes-merge-repeat process that used to take … Read More