Caricature? Or Is It?

anyone knows how to draw?
caricature in particular?
how about coloring it to the max, that it resembles the real thing but still intact as a caricature drawing?
lighting, angle, emotion?

well, have a look at Denis Zilber’s..

here’s some of his awesome works.. that makes me (the little part of me inside that thinks as a photographer) wonder about the lighting and emotion in the pictures..

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Kadbod Jadi Kamera?

Kiel Johnson, seorang yang kreatif. tidak mampu untuk beli SLR yang mahal-mahal? I stumbled upon his website. with a WOW in my head. literally. Dia banyak projek yang menarik, all featured in his website. Johnson used his background as a painter and sculptor to take simple cardboard pieces and turn them into something extraordinary.

He not only made SLR cardboard cameras but Polaroids as well. The only thing not made out of cardboard is the “belt” that is supposed to go around a cardboard person’s neck so that the camera doesn’t fall. he’s one Read More

Secret Recipe Tawau, sucks!

today i have to send my car for the air-conditioning maintenance.. i sent my car for maintenance at 2pm and i should be able to get it back after i finish work, that is roughly around 5pm..

*before i proceed, im writing this with disgust and anger in me so some facts are really blurry..

so i ask my superior if i can take and early leave from work to fetch my car and he says yes so i hitch my gf to fetch my car. yada yada yada after settling everything it’s 4.50pm and we set off for a tea/cake at Tawau’s Secret Recipe..

upon arriving there (around 5.00pm) the place wasnt crowded at all, only 5 people in 2 table are busy enjoying their chit chat while caking doing their own things.. at this time there’s 5 waiter standing around..

we stand in front of the counter while looking at cakes. and after choosing which one to go, we call out for the person behind the counter and she ignores us and keep rearranging something at the desk behind the counter..
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[tutorial] Gradient Exposure Modification – Adobe Photoshop

after a few weeks of hiatus im back on writing simple2 tutorial..
this is just my 5-minute editing to correct simple gradient darkening on a picture..

this happens when u use flash, usually without bouncing it to the right place..
macam biasa, bahasa rojak2 so faham2 saja lah ya..

the source-result comparison is something like this:

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, dalam tutorial ini menggunakan versi cetak rompak portable untuk CS5..
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DISPUTE: 3uhosting.Com

ALERT! this is my personal experience, and im writing this half-mad still so just bare with me..


shame on, bawak lari my duit. sigh didnt know that we have Company like this also in Malaysia.. last time i heard about this con going on but this is the first time, since i start doing this back in 2004, that this happens to me personally.. it wasnt about the money at all. it’s about the integrity of names and brand that this ‘company’ holds by having Malaysia by the side of their name register.. their “Live Chat” is always un-available.. bla bla bla.. *sigh*

i will wont provide the links and emails received (including invoices, etc etc). it’s just too tiring to even care now..
Quality? At It's Best?... MY ASS!!