Photoshop: Frequency Separation (Malay)

In the midst of me trying to get back into photography, i went overboard by trying to do manipulation

Topic? easy retouching using Separation Frequency. Hail to all those video and tutorials on the net that shows how the overall process is done in less time than the manual blur-layer-highlight-blur-brushes-merge-repeat process that used to take long times to do

Here you go:

Tiring June

June, was hectic as hell. Juggling between works and Family Matters and Keeping Up With My Workout Programme..

Nothing goes the way it is planned; and I am used to things being that way.

On the good side, my brother’s marriage really open up the empty side of yours truely; wah, you CAN be happy and ‘free’ even after the wedding is said and done. I am happy for you baby bro, and I really hope to get my nephew/niece ASAP hahaha, just think about it, will you?

Welcome To The House, Nana!
Welcome To The House, Nana!

Everything Else:
Works? Sucks, as always..
Social Life? Terrible As Hell as always, being alone does sucks..
Gaming? Ugh, I need to catch up on things..
Sports? I’m getting old.
Tech Stuffs? What, there’s new things everyday. I’m too old for these shit

nah, take this video instead:

Kelantan Trip

during my quick break recently i get to travel for about 1900+km from Johor Bahru to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and back.. it was fun, and very insightful..
i get to see Kelantan, the peoples, and the in-betweens..
as usual, i dont take much photos.. but here’s some that i ‘suddenly’ rajin and shoot pulak hehehe..

anyway, Selamat Hari Buruh (Happy Labor’s Day) to everyone, esp my lovely mother.. u worked so hard all these times, and u still do. but what can i do. u love what you do.. i love you, mom!

Pantai Irama Bachok | overlooking the vast South China Sea
assorted seafoods | nom nom nom
Istana Jahar, Kota Bharu | i dont know how my eyes can accept this terrible color during PP. well, this is what you get when editing half-asleep
on the way, on the way, ondeweeeeeeeeey~
Fresh Strawberry, anyone? here you can come and pick your own!
Come and pick 'em yourself!
my trusty sidekick | GPS on action?

nah, paling banyak sudah ni kena upload.. hahahaha rekod dunia sudah bagi aku ni hahaha..

Tawau Host: Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

well, this is a bummer!
why oh why did this happens when im oversea?

my cuti2 for the date kenot dapat oredy cause busy with Case Study and attachments in wards,etc

well, no biggie then, i support!!

Sabah Gaming Carnival 2012

What’s In The Menu For That Day?

  • Games: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion
  • Games: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
  • Games: Soul Calibur IV
  • Cosplay
  • Cosplay Photography
  • Venue: Eastern Plaza Tawau
    Date, Time: 31st March 2012, starting 11AM
    Enterance Fee (for participants): RM10 for All Event

    more info:

    Night Photography: KSKBJB

    few weeks here (coming to a month) and im pleased to know that there’s abundance of sceneries to go for photography for me, either it is strobist, light painting or night photography.. i havent got the chance to really go places, but i did manage to try out using CPL + Variable ND to satisfy the ‘darkens the dark’ curiosity that i have been keeping for some time now..

    not much of a patient guy, i always ended up moving from places to places to get good compo; always ending in getting worse scenario than the before..

    never the less, a try out of my recent try on night photography.. i took about 200 pictures but after minutes (not hours, im lazy – i told u so kan?) i choose just 1.. *sigh* yes just one of all the exposures, and even this one is overexposed one but i manage to save more details on it.. is this what HDR was supposed to look like? i doubt it *lol*

    Main Gate - Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu Johor Bahru

    i dont think i need UWA now, shooting at 17mm is good enuff for me. if i want to go wider, i go 8mm.. capish~ chao