Kuli Gomen Who Refuse Covid19 Vaccine Mesti Denda

Our new kickass Health Minister, KJ (Khairy Jamaluddin) says that they (MOH, Ministry Of Health) is proposing to JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Public Service Department) to impose penalties to civil servants (kuli gomen) who denies the vaccine intake without any valid medical reasons. This, i think is an act on those antivaxxers. Target, locked.

Abang KJ yang sado.

Among the necessary frontliners are teachers. Yes, cikgu, sir, ustaz, ustazah, guru, sensei. Maybe even guru memandu and cikgu kelas memasak also. Who knows, we might starts things back to the way it used to be, before this pandemic hits.

This is after report showing that more than 2500 teachers refuses to take the vaccine. This is reports from Minister Of Education, thus this (as in Sept 11th) shows that there are still not more than 5% of teachers are not even on their first jab of the good delicious covid19 vaccine.

Kids, i know everyone eager to go back to school, but we cant, not yet anyway. Not until these ‘antivaxxers’ gets the necessary knowledge on how to protect themselves thus protecting the pupils.

Since announcing that we are treating CoViD-19 as endemic, plans have been on roll to take these measures. This includes adding more PPV to let everyone gets the taste of our good-old vaccine. Even non-Malaysians are eligible for the vaccines. Kids from 12 years old are on the list to get them juice and it had started since Sept 16th.

Alah habis lah sambung PdPR lagi lah kita ni. Semoga kita semua tabah menghadapi masa-masa susah ini bersama-sama. Konon kan, KITA JAGA KITA.

source: https://www.astroawani.com/
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Coronavirus and MCO

Long Hiatus
Novel Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) starts a pandemic that hits us (globally) quite severe. Here in Malaysia, the case becomes ‘serious’ when it spreads and we the death toll starts on a young 35-years old lad from Johor. MCO was announced, the Movement Control Order was issue by the Prime Minister on the 18th of March, 2020.

This ‘new normal’ involves restricted movements, social distancing and a pretty large sum of money by the goverment to help the people to survive during this hard time.

As of this time today (1539 on 2020-04-28) the deaths worldwide (reported) is 211,663 from total of 3,066,417 reported cases. 3 million cases, because of bats. Yep, batman is to be blamed ^^,

Okay, back to being busy with life.. boom, boom, ciao~

One More Year

im in the midst of changing to a bigger (hopefully better) hosting that is located locally, so site might be offline for a few days or so.

oh btw, i officially, but not permanently, am off from that bloody addiction called facebook. *sigh* what a relief (so far). it is for an apparent reason of real-life-first basis that i do this, as a trial; to see how much does that platform changes how i live my daily life. will be blogging more here i guess. back to oldskool style.

writer’s block. but at least i’m not snooping around, stalking and trolling people. there is too much hatred and idiotic ideas floating on said platform that i think i am beginning to be an avid believer of those sometimes-it-sounds-real kinda things. life, is less troublesome now. yes.

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