Pneumonia, Leads To DoTA2

Well, i was admitted last week until yesterday for about 8 days. Warded for Lobar Pneumonia, and still under investigation, i get the feel on how people are when they are stuck in the hospital.

1st time warded, i am lucky to get to be put inside the single-bed room, but the thing is it becomes way too boring there cause no-one is there to accompany me. Friends and colleagues comes to visit, and i thank you guys so much. boredom is my friend, and when friends comes and visit they will say something cynical ie “this is a sign for you to get you better half already” hahaha bash me all you want guys, this is the only chance you can get so far, right?

BTW, i am feeling well now. and during the warded days i started to learn to play the DoTA2 game (Defense Of The Ancient 2) and i am a bit hooked to it. hours spent playing and i get why the kids (and not-so-much-kids-anymore) like the game. There is much to learn and explore. And on my 20th hours playing it, i get to play (this game is exclusively online co-op for now) with guys from all over the world. Well, another way of spending time at home, aye?

Anyway, it is nice to know that people DO CARE for me; mom and all the bunch (sis, dad, grandma, aunty, cousins) comes to visit frequently eventho it’s a 2-hour drive from home. I LOVE YOU GUYS, always.

Now, a screenshot of how n00b (newbie) i am at DoTA2:


okay guys, happy weekend and SELAMAT HARI MALAYSIA (16 Sept 2013)

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