Diarrhea, Rain & Locked Out

oh what a Monday.. to sum it all up, well.. it is an interesting day to me..

First, i had a mild diarrhea. It was from Yesterday’s meal. It was the Hari Penghargaan Ops Daulat Lahad Datu. The function was held in Promenade Hotel Tawau, and so is the banquet (i guess). It was painful, that I had to woke up in the middle of the night just to go do business. Luckily with a bit of medical knowledge i manage to slow down the diarrhea. I thought I was the only one but today those who attended the function also complaints of the same. Even my boss also complaints in his Social Networking place.

{put picture of shit here}

Second, it was raining on the first session of my volleyball practice session. At first it was a breeze but then it started to rain; and we had to cancel the session. Well, less workout for us then. But on the good side, since the haze is worsening then maybe the rain is just what we need. Ref: http://www.euronews.com/../smoke-haze-continues-malaysia-and-singapore/


Third, i locked myself out of my car. This silly mistake happens when i was taping my right thumb for the volleyball game. The door closes on me with the keys still on the passenger seat. Then the auto “smart” alarm system locks the door automatically. I stumble. I was shocked. And this never happens to me so I gasp. I dont know what to do. Luckily i didn’t panic. I went to the Hospital Operator’s room (the volleyball game was held in the hospital volleyball court) and ask for some ‘wise advice’ from the people there. Kak Su was so nice she lends me her plastic ruler and to use it to jerk on the door to get the locks to open. And i tried it and it works! Get myself some cut while at it thugh. (Google on how to do it, it is fairly easy) What a relief.. During my second visit to return the ruler, the Health Inspectors was there to calls those who had diarrhea from yesterday’s feast. That’s when I know that the diarrhea issue is serious. Menteri Kesihatan was there to dine with us, let’s hope he get the diarrhea too (so he will check this issue out, and take serious action). And I hope all the 300+ guests also have, then this will goes public faster! hehehe

Okay then, enough ranting. I wanna go cook dinner. Chiao!

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