Secret Recipe Tawau, sucks!

today i have to send my car for the air-conditioning maintenance.. i sent my car for maintenance at 2pm and i should be able to get it back after i finish work, that is roughly around 5pm..

*before i proceed, im writing this with disgust and anger in me so some facts are really blurry..

so i ask my superior if i can take and early leave from work to fetch my car and he says yes so i hitch my gf to fetch my car. yada yada yada after settling everything it’s 4.50pm and we set off for a tea/cake at Tawau’s Secret Recipe..

upon arriving there (around 5.00pm) the place wasnt crowded at all, only 5 people in 2 table are busy enjoying their chit chat while caking doing their own things.. at this time there’s 5 waiter standing around..

we stand in front of the counter while looking at cakes. and after choosing which one to go, we call out for the person behind the counter and she ignores us and keep rearranging something at the desk behind the counter..

the other waiter that was currently standing beside us dengan selambanya walkaway to the kitchen area. so after calling her (while being ignored all the time) we decided to take a seat and wait for them to wait us at the table..

time passes by, 10 minutes and none of them (by this time i counted there’s 5 of them, and plus 2 behind the counter) come to wait at us.. what the hell man?

me and my gf, being Malaysian as we are~ sit and wait for them. we sit at the far end at the back with or table facing directly at the counter.. two of them are chatting loudly in front of the counter while laughing.. and they just look at us, whispering and ogle at us.. maybe they’re too afraid to even ask our table by now.. 20minutes we’re sitting there, and none come to wait us.. we didnt call for them because obviously, we’re just too damn pissed to call them. if i call them nanti i mau marah mereka dulu kaw2 baru boleh order tu..

at 5.25pm we cant take it and we stand up, and walkaway..
before we leave, we stop by and ask the people in the counter.. “er, mana manager yah?” and the person behind the counter smile and say the manager’s not available at the moment..

so we just left. angrily. dissappointed. how can a brand like Secret Recipe can allow such behaviour from their staffs? customer owez right maa? kan? apa guna bukak kedai kalau kasi biar orang duduk sana diam2?

anyone know’s any channel for me to lodge a report? i like their cake. i like Secret Recipr. i repeat, I LIKE SECRET RECIPE. but this incident is a milestone of what could happen. and i just wanna say.. bad move, SR Tawau.. bad move..

now im home, it’s 6.05pm and i better go masak mi segera and enjoy it while watching TV at home..

damn you Secret recipe!


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18 thoughts to “Secret Recipe Tawau, sucks!”

  1. i dont know how to lodge a report, but i definitely share this in tawaurian either you like it or not. hahahahha 👿

  2. i think the waiter was lied to you.. maybe the manager is there but the waiter knowed that you wanted to lodge a report about their behaviour…

    1. Sabar tu.mmg sifatku dari dolu2 lagi bah..kalau aku ndak penyabar.mana la aku bleh mencapai kebahagiaan sepertimana yang kukecapi hari ini ^^,

  3. Hi Blen,

    We are sincerely sorry for the awful experience you had at our Secret Recipe Tawau branch.

    As someone who love Secret Recipe cakes, we regret that we were unable to provide you with the level of service we consistently strive to provide each and every one of our customer.

    We would like to take this opportunity to offer you a Secret Recipe voucher. Please provide us your email address.

    We are currently looking into this incident and will solve it promptly.

    If you could, please provide any additional details or flaws that were present to help us in the investigation and for us to be able to serve better in the future.

    Our apologies, again, for your unfavorable experience. We hope to have you dining with us again at Secret Recipe to replace the negative impression with a more positive one.

    Your Sincerely,
    Secret Recipe Sabah

    1. Email at
      Well, the experience is hopefully an isolated incidence, won’t happen again in the future. I really like to eat ur cakes, but its things like this that will be a bit of a turnoff.surely not worthed, right?

    2. Yes, i totally agree with you. We always try to give the best service possible and wont tolerate with such behavior from our service staff. We are really sorry that such has happen…

    1. Be free to ask more *wink*
      As I stated, I already call but no-one wait ut (waiter was supposed to wait at the customer, right)
      Me and my gf were standing behind (or front, depending on where u stand here) the counter calling out for the staffs behind the counter (yes, staffs, not just one but two)
      It really is un-appropriate to yell, but then again.. So is ignoring…

  4. klu gua.. xkan dtg punya tmpt tu lg.. mn2 sr pun xpegi
    klu dtg, hmmmm.. durg msti ckp muntah jilat blk.. LoL

    1. Ha ha ha muntah plak..ehmmm ndak pa la.kalau kepingin nti pergi lah.buat masa skrg blum lagi lah kot ):

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